Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The packing begins...

I started packing up the place tonight. My couch and entertainment stand are gone (yahoo!) so I'm down to a mattress, a small table and a floor lamp. Last September I moved into this apartment with a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and a some clothes. Funny how a year has gone by and I'm nearly back where I started. Part of the inspiration for the name of this blog (and the "branding" of my trip so to say) is that whenever I find myself faced with a challenge or opportunity I take a long look in the mirror and see, well me, standing there ready to conquer. 

I had a weird feeling in my gut tonight. Packing up my kitchen, wrapping each glass with pages of the WSJ, it was such a moment of familiarity that it almost felt calming. Yet my gut turned with such anxiety as if I had eaten something that wasn't agreeable with my digestive track. After nearly five years in Boston I'm so disappointed I haven't been able to find a career track and create my own life here. Its a feeling felt deep within right to the core of who I am (or who I'm not). 

On to a brighter topic...

I've laid out my trip up until about California. Here is where I plan on being. Each number corresponds to the day of the month in October. 

1: Boston to Williamsport, PA - 403 miles 
2. Williamsport, PA (aka Base Camp) - finalizing trip preparations 
3: Williamsport, PA (aka Base Camp) - finalizing trip preparations
4:Williamsport, PA (aka Base Camp) - finalizing trip preparations 
5: Williamsport to PHL - 161 miles
6: Philadelphia to Mathews Arm Campground, VA - 237 Miles
7: Off to Pembrok, VA - 207 miles
8: To Byson City - 288 miles
9: To Douglasville, GA
10: Day with friends (Georgia on my mind...) 
11: Day with family 
12: To Holy Springs National Forest - 299 miles
13: To Lake of the Ozarks, MO -387 miles
14: To Chaney Wildlife Area - 307 miles
15: To La Junta, CO - 347 miles
16: To Boulder, CO - 206 miles
17: To Grand Junction, CO - 264 miles
18: To Antelope Island State Park, UT - 330 miles
19: To Great Basin National Park,NV  - 272 miles

From Great Basin National Park the plan is to hit Death Valley, then to San Diego and spend a few days with family. From the the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and head North up the coast to Portland. Seattle? Vancouver? Maybe...

I picked up a set of new motorcycle riding pants (actually my first pair). Jeans just don't cut it on long trips like this. First motorcycle pants (and jackets for that matter) offer a rider more protection because they are constructed with heavy duty fabrics that can withstand sliding on the pavement (or dirt) in the event of a crash. Most quality motorcycle gear also has pads for impact resistance, some sort of weather proofing (windproof/waterproof) and some even include features like zip out liners for warmth (which the ones I ordered do, it could get chilly!). They are scheduled to arrive on my birthday (9-23) so that is exciting. 

My sisters (Pam and Michelle) arrive Thursday to take home the bulk of my clothing and kitchen items (and my beloved road and mountain bike) so that on Oct-1 I can take the remaining items home on my motorcycle. Last time I moved home in 2009 before I left for Belgium Pam picked me up in a Ford F-250 pick up truck. I put my entire apartment in the back of that truck! Reminds me of a funny story actually. I'll save it for next time. 

Night all...

Monday, September 19, 2011

And so the adventure resumes...

September 23, 2011 will not only mark my birthday but it will also mark the two year anniversary since I've returned from Belgium. I spent nearly three months in Belgium living and trying to earn my way as a semi-pro cyclist. While I was there I blogged my adventures, all the ups, the downs and the few parties in between. I've decided I will do the same here for my new adventure beginning Oct-5-2011. I will be departing Boston on Oct-1 for Portland, OR. My first stop is base camp also know as Williamsport, PA and I'll be calling it base camp for a few days before I depart for the full feature length film on the 5th. 

I recently picked up a few travel maps of the US to explore the many route options available. My in between stops will hopefully be as new to you as they are to me. Let this be the first post of many more exciting entries to come...